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Mascherina filtrante - alkemy



Filter mask intended for the protective use of the respiratory tract, consisting of three layers:

External side:Anti-drip polyester

Intermediate side:Filter composed of 3 layers of non-woven fabric (TNT), produced with SPUNBOND technology with hydrophobic treatment that gives a mechanical resistance to the mask. The filter can also be interchangeable.

Inner side (face): Anti-drip and hydrophilic polyester, which allows for greater freshness and breathability thanks to the characteristic of the fabric that prevents the accumulation of humidity. The three layers are joined together by polyester thread seam, to which the elastic bands on the short side are then attached.



1. Method of use: it is important to wear and dispose of the mask correctly. Hand washing is required before opening the mask box or removing one.

To wear them:

  • To wash hands
  • Place the mask on the face to cover the nose and mouth
  • Place elastics behind the respective ear pads
  • While wearing the mask, avoid touching it with your hands and if necessary wash your hands before and after touching the mask.

To remove them:

  • To wash hands
  • Remove the mask from the auricles making sure that the mask does not fall
  • Throw the mask into a collection bag that must be dedicated to the masks or directly in the washing machine or in a basin.
  • To wash hands

2. When to use it: to be used when it is not possible to keep a safe distance from other people.

3. For How long: as necessary and at the maximum until the device moistens with the breath as indicated by the OMS. In any case, no more than 8 hours.

15 Recommended washes: it is advisable to wash the mask by hand, with Marseille soap in warm water to guarantee the technical characteristics of the substrate over time. If not possible, machine wash at maximum 30 ° without spin. Sterilisable and sanitizable in 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution. For maximum protection it is recommended to change the filter daily.



The device is recommended when safety distances cannot be maintained, its breathable, waterproof and filtering capacity prevents contagion of external particles (saliva, mucus, dust, etc.) and avoids contagion of the same towards the outside. Filter mask produced for the purposes of which art.16, paragraph 2, DL March 17, n.18, and in accordance with the indications of the Circular of the Ministry of Health 0003572-P18 / 03/2020. The possibility of using filtering masks by "all individuals present on the national territory, who are however required to comply with the provisions on social distancing and the other precautionary rules introduced due to the Covid-19 emergency.



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