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body meets soul

Unique combinations of ingredients – raw materials of known and proven effectiveness – generate new functional synergies. Ancient harvesting and extraction procedures, respectful of the environment and people. Deep study and groundbreaking research. This is how we create beauty, wellness and food supplementation treatments that are innovative, safe, effective and strictly natural.

Our guiding principle is ‘as you feel inside, so you look on the outside’. alkemy’s mission is to support the health and beauty of the human being as a whole.


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Our project

Our knowledge comes from Ancient Egypt, when science and the sacred were still one. From Paracelsus we learnt how to separate - and recombine - the soul of plants, and from Fibonacci how to decipher the secret rhythms of nature.

The formulas contained in medical papyri, the ancestral craft of herbal healing, the harmonious friendship between plants and humans - all this is brought together today by our technology to create nutricosmetics, dermo-active principles and food supplements working on both the outside and the inside to boost wellness and beauty. And restoring the bond between body and soul.

We are ancient and futuristic at the same time.

Our approach

Our method is alchemic and spagyric: a long, complex process, strictly codified since time immemorial, carried out exclusively by hand so as to preserve the power of active principles.

We only use plants growing spontaneously in nature, which better retain the archetypes of their own species. Harvested at the perfect time, dictated by the lunation cycle, they immediately enter the transmutation process, while still fresh, in order to keep unaltered what the Egyptians called ‘neter’: t he fundamental electromagnetic properties.

The plants are then steeped and infused in glass jars and left to ripen in the sunlight. Extracts are pressed and calcined to derive fat-soluble salts. This is our gold: the essential element of alkemy preparations. So concentrated and pure to be effective even at small doses.

Our elements

Precious raw materials, which nobody else combines and makes available in the same way. Like Klamath blue green microalgae (aphanizomenon flos aquae), the ultimate wild superfood on Earth, only found in the uncontaminated lake in southern Oregon where it originated 7,000 years ago. Klamath algae contain all the substances and nutrients the skin needs, from vitamins to the least common trace elements, plus twenty amino acids, essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, phycocyanin and bioflavonoids.

Or like solar and herbal infused oils, strongly magnetic liquid fats conveying the dormant properties of plants. And spagyric-alchemic macerates (SAM), i.e. hydrogliceric-alcoholic solutions from vegetal extracts, which hold all the power of plants.

Uncorrupted nature brings forth positive and visible transformations, revitalizing experiences and aesthetic reward.


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