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​Terms and Conditions of Sale

1 - About the Seller

Arkavita S.r.l. – registered office Via Alfieri 6, 10121, Torino (TO), ph. 0115581755, fax 0115581770

Email Pec

Tax ID No./ VAT ID No. 11276220016, Company Registration No. 1200325

Arkavita S.r.l. owns the site This site is hosted on the e-commerce platform Shopify Inc.

2 - Effectiveness of the Conditions of Sale. General rules.

The products available on this site can only be purchased for personal use. This site only accepts orders placed in Italy for delivery in Italy.

These Conditions of Sale apply to consumers placing their orders through the site

Arkavita reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. However, the Terms and Conditions of Sale applied are always those accepted by the Customer at the time of placing an order.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are supplemented by information on our privacy policy and consumer rights which can be found in the dedicated sections of this site.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale can be downloaded, saved on a durable medium and printed. The Customer is required to read them carefully before completing the purchase process.

By placing an order, you, the Customer agree to fully comply with these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Contracts entered into through this site are governed by Italian law.

3 – Purchase contract and order processing

The online purchase procedure is as follows:

- Read product information and select the desired item

- Click on “Add to cart”

- Choose payment option

- Complete the order by clicking on “Checkout”.

The procedure can be interrupted at any time. The contents of the order may be changed prior to clicking on “Checkout”.

Your completion of this procedure will be considered as a proposal of purchase made by you to Arkavita, who reserve the right not to accept it, at our discretion. In case of refusal, a notification will be sent to you within 2 business days after your order has been placed.

If your order is accepted, before shipping the goods, Arkavita will send you an email confirmation containing (as required by law) details of the order placed and terms of delivery.

The contract is stored on the information system of this site and in Arkavita’s database. Through your account, or by contacting Arkavita’s registered office, you can receive information about the status of your order, or cancel it, provided communication of cancellation is given prior to the shipment of the goods.

Arkavita reserves the right to suspend or cancel an order and/or its delivery, irrespective of the advancement of the order status, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any amount due by you, in case of difficulty in processing payment information or in the event of any fraudulent use, or attempted fraudulent use, of this site.

In case of non-acceptance or cancellation of the order, Arkavita will refund the amount received without undue delay, and in any event not later than 14 days, as described below.

Orders will be accepted only if placed by residents in Italy for shipments in Italy.

We will accept orders for our products intended for the Customer’s personal use only, not for resale.

4 - Features of our goods, guarantees and warnings

4.1. Features of our goods

The goods for sale on this site have the characteristics, properties and compositions stated on the labels and/or information sheets visible on the site at the time of the order.

4.2. Guarantees

The Customer is protected by the legal safeguards provided by the Italian Civil Code of Laws, and (as a consumer) under Articles 128 ss. d. lgs. 206/2005 and subsequent amendments and additions.

4.3 Warnings

At Arkavita Srl we are confident that the products we sell are absolutely safe and top quality, since we use the best quality ingredients on the market.

However, the Customer must use the goods purchased:

1) appropriately, in accordance with the characteristics of each single item and following the instructions provided by Arkavita;

2) paying strict attention to the warnings and precautions indicated on the label and/or information sheet.

No product must be used if the security seal on the cap is missing, broken or in any way tampered with, or if the container is broken or tampered with.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the goods to be purchased do not contain components to which s/he or the end user is allergic or intolerant. Any doubt regarding allergies or intolerances must be verified before using the product.

None of our products may be used in place of medical treatments.

The use of supplements should not be considered as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which should provide nutrients in sufficient quantities.

The information provided by is not intended as treatment for skin conditions and in no way should be considered as such.

The advice given on or by our Customer Service is for information purposes only and should in no way be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice.

In case of doubt consult a doctor.

Keep the products purchased out of reach of children under three years of age.

5 - Availability of goods and shipment

5.1. - Product Availability

On orders can be placed only for products available in stock. However, while our integrated system of inventory is accurate, due to minor delays there may be slight discrepancies between the actual stock and the availability indicated on the site. Consequently, in some rare cases the availability of the desired item may not be 100% guaranteed.

An order may be refused in the event that one or more items are not immediately available for shipment. However, depending on the volume of the order and the expected time for replenishment, our staff may

  • -ship the items in stock and send the missing ones as soon as they are available, free of any additional shipping charges for the customer OR
  • -contact the Customer, who will decide whether to delay the whole shipment or delete products not readily available.

5.2. – Delivery

The goods ordered will be delivered by courier usually within three working days from the date of acceptance of the order and in any case not later than thirty days from receipt of order.

The goods will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer, on the ground floor.

6 - Prices

All prices quoted on are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of all taxes required by law.

Product prices may change without notice. However, once an order is placed, the prices will remain as communicated during the purchase procedure and reported in the confirmation of the order.

If applicable, shipping expenses will be charged and clearly indicated during the purchase procedure.

7 - Payment - refund

7.1 Credit Card

When placing an order using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or Maestro-enabled ATM cards, upon completion of the online transaction the issuing bank will hold funds in your account to the amount of your purchase. The amount due, even in case of partial processing of the order, will subsequently be charged to your credit card only upon confirmation of the order or payment acceptance by Arkavita.

If you cancel an order or your order is refused by Arkavita Srl, our staff will immediately require the annulment of the transaction and the removal of the authorization hold by the issuing bank. The time to remove the authorization hold depends on the bank and may even extend to its natural expiry (24 days from authorization). Once the transaction has been annulled, under no circumstances shall Arkavita be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to remove the authorization hold by the bank. In the event that the order is shipped after the twenty-third day from the date of submission, Arkavita Srl will charge the Customer's credit card (although in advance of the delivery of the goods), in order to avoid expiry of the authorization (24 days). Arkavita Srl reserves the right to ask the Customer for additional information (e.g. landline phone number) or copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used. Should the required documents fail to be produced, our staff reserves the right to refuse the order. Please note that at no time during the purchase procedure will Arkavita Srl receive any information about the Customer’s credit card, as the transaction details are sent to the bank via secure connection. Nor will any archive of Arkavita Srl retain such information. Therefore, in no event can Arkavita Srl be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by a third party upon payment for products purchased on

7.2 PayPal

Upon completion of the online transaction PayPal will immediately charge the amount of the purchase.

The Customer can pay through the PayPal circuit, use a personal PayPal account or choose not to register to the PayPal service. In the event that payment is not made within two days of the order, unless otherwise agreed between the Customer and, the order will be cancelled without notice.

In this case, the refund procedure is regulated by PayPal.

8 - Right of withdrawal

Please refer to the dedicated section on this site.

9 - Copyright

All contents available on, including texts, documents, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, their organization and their adaptations are protected by laws on intellectual property rights and the protection of trademarks (Law No. 633, April 22, 1941 and subsequent amendments; Royal Decree 929, June 21, 1942 and subsequent amendments) and are covered by copyright. may also contain images, documents, logos and trademarks belonging to third-parties who have given Arkavita Srl express consent to use them. No text, document, trademark, logo, image, graphic, may be used, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, modified or otherwise exploited in whole or in part. Any abuse will be prosecuted under existing laws.

10 - Privacy policy

Please refer to the dedicated section on this site.

11 - Communications and complaints

Any communication should be sent to

Arkavita Srl,, or to the registered address shown at the top of this page.

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